Four DNA vaccines have been approved by USDA for animal health applications:

  1. against West Nile virus in horses
  2. against infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus in schooled salmon
  3. for treatment of melanoma in dogs
  4. growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) product for in swine

These licensures are a validation for DNA vaccines and illustrate their commercial potential at successfully protecting or treating certain diseases. Further, they illustrate that DNA vaccines can be manufactured to scale and at low cost to meet the economics of the animal health vaccine business. These product successes bode well for the sustainability and growth of this class of therapeutic.

ITI is focusing on developing a short course vaccine for treating canine atopic dermatitis, an unmet need and large market opportunity. Approximately 3 million domesticated dogs in the US suffer from CAD, the second most common reason for vet visits by dog owners. Several therapies are available for symptom management. ITI believes that a short course allergy vaccine approach (such as LAMP) could treat the underlying immunological cause. We are working with several thought leaders and collaborators on developing and testing this potential product.

The pipeline below illustrates the current status of Immunomic Therapeutics’ Animal Health development program.