Immunomic Therapeutics, Inc. (ITI) is pioneering the study of LAMP-based nucleic acid immunotherapies that have the potential to fundamentally improve how we use immunotherapy for allergies, cancer and animal health.

We’ve entered into significant partnerships that validate the potential our DNA-based LAMP-Vax platform as a way to modulate immune responses.

In total, these partnerships have resulted in initial license payments of more than $300M and pending milestone payments of up to $55M, plus double-digit royalties on what could be multi-billion dollar products.

The scale and scope of our partnerships gives us the ability to explore LAMP-based nucleic acid immunotherapies in other applications, including as a cancer immunotherapy, where we’ve seen some exciting progress over the past few years.

We maintain collaborations with academic institutions and hospitals, including Duke University and the University of Florida to help us realize our mission of commercializing LAMP-Vax immunotherapies for various human diseases.



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