The Japanese red cedar tree is a cultural symbol in Japan, but its pollen is a national scourge. An estimated 25% of the Japanese population, more than 25 million individuals, are allergic to Japanese red cedar pollen. ASP4070 (formerly known as JRC-LAMP-Vax) is an investigational vaccine for treating patients with Japanese cedar pollen allergies. Astellas Pharmaceuticals, Inc is leading the clinical development of ASP4070 in Japan, where it has exclusive rights for commercial development, marketing and sales.

ASP4070TM Vaccine Key Features:

  • ASP4070 is a vaccine intended to treat patients with rhino-conjunctivitis caused by allergic reaction to red cedar pollen
  • Immunotherapy to treat allergy believed not to expose patient to free allergen
  • ITI’s LAMP-Vax vaccine allergy therapy is expected to require only 4 shots, not 100 or more often required for traditional, extract-based immunotherapy

This vaccine has been designed and tested in two species and has completed Phase 1 testing in the US and Japan.