Immunomic Therapeutics (ITI) has in-house plasmid fermentation capabilities at its Rockville, MD process development laboratories.

We work closely with Nature Technologies, a bioprocessing and R&D company with proprietary technologies for DNA plasmids for vaccine applications. In addition to having developed a very efficient immunization vector that found a creative way to eliminate the need for an antibiotic resistance gene, they engineered the manufacturing process that increases production yields from 50 – 100 mg per liter to an amazing 5 grams of DNA per liter of culture. This process, called, HyperGRO™, is an inducible fed-batch fermentation process that is currently being utilized to manufacture clinical grade DNA for various plasmids and is generally available for commercial production of research grade or clinical grade plasmid DNA. The HyperGRO™ cell banking and fermentation process is designed to reduce metabolic stress, and has been shown to not induce IS1 transposon mobilization during cell banking or fermentation unit operations.

ITI has a license with Nature Technologies giving the Company exclusive rights for use of the Nature Technologies vector that incorporates the LAMP gene for uses in animal and human health. LAMP-based vectors are currently available for license, incorporating Nature’s high-yield, antibiotic free, efficient immunization vector with ITI’s proprietary LAMP sequence which facilities MHC-II targeting. ITI also has an in-house process development facility in order to conduct fermentations on LAMP-based plasmids utilizing the NTC backbone and HyperGRO process.