Immunomic Therapeutics, Inc. is pleased to present an animated video that portrays LAMP technology and how it’s being applied to the development of allergy vaccine therapies.

Why are some people allergic to something and others are not? And once you have an allergy, can you get rid of it? Immunomic Therapeutics developed the Lamp-Vax™ technology that could stop the allergic response in its tracks.

DNA vaccines, especially for allergy, are radically different from the classical allergy immunotherapy paradigm. Instead of injecting the allergenic protein itself, the DNA instructions for making the protein are injected.

This utilizes the body’s own machinery to manufacture the protein in a contained manner, rather than injecting loose protein into the body. Furthermore, Immunomic Therapeutics is developing a new generation of vaccine therapies by incorporating the genetic sequence for LAMP proteins as part of the DNA vaccine.

What is expected from this process, based on early stage data, is that the body has learned to treat this antigen protein like an infection, rather than an allergen. Ultimately the goal is, when the body encounters this antigen protein, it rapidly disposes of it, and the allergy is no more. ITI is conducting additional studies on elucidating LAMP’s mechanism of action and its application in pioneering vaccines that can potentially transform lives for the treatment of allergy and other immune-related disorders.

Video designed and created by Arkitek Scientific