The Company’s product development pipeline includes the allergy portfolio, being developed by Astellas Pharma.

In addition, a number of companies and academic laboratories have been developing applications for LAMP-Vax in oncology including a study sponsored by our partner and licensee, the Geron Corporation (now Asterias), in leukemia patients (AML).

The pipeline below illustrates the current status of Immunomic Therapeutics’ clinical development program. Oncology and infectious disease products are in development by academics and corporate partners.




The Japanese red cedar tree is a cultural symbol in Japan, but its pollen is a national scourge. An estimated 25% of the Japanese population, more than 25 million individuals, are allergic to Japanese red cedar pollen. ASP4070 (formerly known as JRC-LAMP-Vax) is an investigational vaccine for treating patients with Japanese cedar pollen allergies. Astellas Pharmaceuticals, Inc is leading the clinical development of ASP4070 in Japan, where it has exclusive rights for commercial development, marketing and sales.

ASP4070TM Vaccine Key Features:

  • ASP4070 is a vaccine intended to treat patients with rhino-conjunctivitis caused by allergic reaction to red cedar pollen
  • Immunotherapy to treat allergy believed not to expose patient to free allergen
  • ITI’s LAMP-Vax vaccine allergy therapy is expected to require only 4 shots, not 100 or more often required for traditional, extract-based immunotherapy

This vaccine has been designed and tested in two species and has completed Phase 1 testing in the US and Japan.


Food allergies cause over 30,000 incidents of anaphylaxis and 100 – 200 deaths in the US each year. Peanut allergy is highly problematic, with more than 1.5 million Americans impacted; life-threatening anaphylaxis can be induced by trace exposure. A diagnosis of peanut allergy means maintaining constant dietary vigilance to reduce the risk of accidental peanut-induced anaphylaxis. In the case of children, this vigilance must also be maintained by parents, schools, and other guardians.

There is no FDA-approved treatment for preventing dangerous peanut-induced allergic reactions. Immunotherapy, or administering increasing doses of an allergen to induce tolerance, leads to adverse reactions in the majority of patients undergoing peanut immunotherapy. There is a dire need for effective treatments that can provide lasting protection.


ASP0892 (formerly known as ARA-LAMP-Vax) is an investigational vaccine for treating patients suffering with food allergies to peanut, one of the most potent and problematic food allergies in the world. Astellas Pharmaceuticals, Inc is leading the full development of ASP0892, as part of the exclusive licensing agreement for LAMP-Vax platform signed/executed on October 2015.


ASP0892™ (formerly ARA-LAMP-Vax) is a novel hypoallergenic treatment that aims to significantly reduce or eliminate sensitivity to the three major peanut allergens. By directing the synthesized peanut allergen-LAMP fusion protein directly into the MHC-II lysosome compartment, ASP0892 is designed to generate a Th1–mediated immune response without exposing the patient systemically to free, native peanut allergen.