Athanasia Anagnostou

Senior Director of Corporate Development

Sia Anagnostou serves Immunomic Therapeutics as Senior Director of Corporate Development. In this role, she is responsible for several core areas including alliance development, product pipeline, external communications and government relations.

Her primary focus, in concert with R&D, is developing collaborations and potential licensing opportunities, sourcing opportunities, managing assessments and transactions and advancing them. She is also developing two new competencies in the organization: a new product pipeline process and a product management process. Further, she is raising awareness about Immunomix with important stakeholders in the science, government and investment communities through directing ITI branding initiatives, messaging, external communications and government relations.

Mrs. Anagnostou has been a member of ITI’s staff since 2012 and previously spent two years at Theranostics Health, where she focused on cancer proteomic molecular diagnostics. She earned her executive M.B.A. from Duke University, her Master of Science in Molecular Biology from Georgetown University Medical School, and her B.S. in Foreign Service from Georgetown University.