Culture & Beliefs

We are committed to building, developing and retaining a world-class team

Immunomic Therapeutics, Inc. is a company developing vaccines based on the patented Lysosomal Associated Membrane Protein, or LAMP Technology. Our LAMP-Vax™ vaccine platform may significantly increase the effectiveness of the immune response to nucleic acid vaccines while simplifying overall vaccine design and delivery, potentially yielding safer, more cost-effective human and animal therapies. We are developing LAMP DNA vaccines across a broad spectrum of disease applications in human and animal health.

Immunomic Therapeutics, Inc. is committed to building, developing and retaining a world-class team. We are looking for passionate individuals who want to create leading edge technology, thrive in an intellectually stimulating environment, and make a difference in healthcare outcomes. We provide a professional and challenging work environment where employees can grow and share in the continued success of the company. Individuals who thrive in our environment are team-oriented, self-motivated, creative, and persistent.

The Immunomic Therapeutics, Inc. team includes specialists in the areas of science, process development engineering, production, marketing, finance, human resources, quality and regulatory, administrative support and more. If you enjoy the challenge that goes naturally with being part of a high growth company, then a career with Immunomic Therapeutics, Inc. may be just for you.

Our Beliefs

Scientific Integrity

We are unflinching in our commitment to scientific integrity. Every day we guard, monitor and measure integrity as individual scientists and as a research organization. Our commitment to honesty, truthfulness and accuracy is uncompromising. We hold employees accountable for intellectual honesty and personal responsibility, and our culture rewards objective results with no regard for preconceived notions or hypothesis. Put simply, our credibility and integrity will never be compromised to achieve an objective.

An Inventive Nature

Everyone at ITI is driven by an unrelenting desire to find relevant solutions for the health problems that threaten quality of life. We challenge conventional thinking with ideas that are nurtured, developed and transformed into human value. We have a bias for inventive research that delivers true scientific, technological and competitive significance. Our inventive spirit pushes us every day to find scientific advancements and breakthroughs that change the way people live. We believe that real change is only possible when we look at health challenges through a different lens and attack those challenges with a creative curiosity.

A Commitment To Our People

It is our talented and dedicated people who have made ITI a success and who shape our hope for the future. Our aim is to reward them by cultivating a work environment that gives every person the opportunity to achieve their full potential. We honor diversity and draw on all our different strengths, cultures, ideas, experiences and talents to achieve. We recognize and celebrate the value of every employee’s contribution and his or her achievements.


Our pledge is to uphold the highest ethical standards, self-accountability and responsibility for professional and personal conduct. Every professional at ITI adheres to the highest standards of our profession and abides by the industry’s best practices. We take great pride in our work and aspire to be the best we can be. We hold each other accountable for using our best efforts to succeed and we embrace new ideas and explore innovative ways of achieving.


We are committed to discoveries and solutions that transform lives. We never lose sight of our goal to improve the health of others through research and scientific discovery. This commitment is born from a recognition that we can only succeed by seeing through the eyes of those whose lives we will affect and by bringing to our work all the experience and knowledge we have so that we can help them.

Efforts Will Bring Results

We commit ourselves every day to a consistent and focused work effort that produces measurable and scientifically proven results. We pledge to work harder and smarter to assure a better outcome, with a full investment in the vision of our ventures that helps us full achieve results that change lives.