Strength in Partnerships


Without our partners, both present and future, we will not be able to achieve the goals we have set before us.  Particularly in the context of the fight against cancer, we know that a single therapy will not provide the ‘silver bullet’.  Although we believe the UNITE platform will play a fundamental role in the immuno-oncology landscape, we’ll need to participate in an orchestrated effort of multiple players.

Astellas Pharma, Inc.

Astellas Pharma has licensed rights to all human allergy applications of LAMP-vax, including clinical vaccine candidates for Japanese cedar allergy and peanut allergy.


Our collaboration with leading brain cancer researchers led to the in-licensing of a Phase II autologous dendritic cell therapy that combines ITI’s lysosomal targeting technology with the cytomegalovirus antigen pp65, which has shown promise in a Phase I program run.


Using UNITE to target neoantigens represents a novel approach in targeting tumor-specific antigens generated from gene mutations occurring in tumor cells during neoplastic transformation. A Th1 immune response to neoantigens may correlate with improved outcomes.


Harnessing the body’s immune system to recognize and eliminate cancers is emerging as a 4th pillar of cancer care alongside surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Our vision is to use the UNITE platform to generate high affinity tumor antigen specific T cells supported by CD4 helper T-cells.


The scale and scope of our partnerships provides new avenues and resources to develop novel nucleic acid immunotherapies. We maintain collaborations with academic institutions and hospitals, including Duke University and the University of Florida, which help us realize our mission of commercializing UNITE immunotherapies for various human diseases. We are interested in research collaborations to further elucidate the mechanism of action of nucleic acid-based therapies and which advance clinical testing of promising vaccine concepts.

Partner With Us

Immunomic Therapeutics’ domain expertise is in vaccine design, development, manufacturing and testing. In collaborating with Immunomic, expect an unflinching commitment to scientific integrity and an unrelenting desire to find relevant solutions for the health problems that threaten quality of life. The company’s resources can help accelerate research and development, moving from lead to product candidate in as little as three months. To advance our mission, we invite all types of collaborations.