A comprehensive immuno-oncology approach


Where LAMP-vax once existed in relative isolation, ITI’s core technology has expanded to include an array of helpful tools which have the potential to substantially expand and amplify the immune response. In synchrony with the next-generation of lysosomal targeting, the selection and optimization of antigens, combination of adjuvants and optimal use of various delivery methods have provided a means by which ITI’s technology can best approach the challenges ahead.

Of course, a new platform technology would need a new name. Several rounds of internal suggestions, voting and feedback yielded viable candidates. In the end, however, Teri Heiland, Ph.D., the Company’s Sr. VP of R&D, suggested the most popular choice, ‘UNITE’. Not only does this succinctly and conceptually capture the platform’s value in immuno-oncology and beyond, but when deconstructed, reveals an appropriate descriptor: ‘UNiversal Intracellular Targeted Expression’.

Read more about the platform in our UNITE whitepaper.

UNITE correctly describes what ITI has built over the past decade. We have moved past simply using the original design of LAMP for intracellular targeting; UNITE is an acronym for UNiversal Intracellular Targeted Expression and describes a combination of intracellular and molecular biology methods for enhanced MHC-II presentation combined with potent adjuvant and delivery technologies that result in a unified and complete immune system response.

– Bill Hearl, CEO

Since the early use of LAMP-vax in 2006, a number of important advances in related and complementary fields have occurred. When combined with the development of the Company’s lysosomal targeting vaccine, these technologies form a comprehensive platform solution.

ITI evolution